CERESiS + WIRE, Naples, Italy

WIRE COST Action Special Session at CERESiS project meeting
23-24 November 2023
Naples, Italy

WIRE COST Action held a Special Session within the CERESiS project meeting on November 23-24 at the STEMS-CNR in Naples, Italy.

The Horizon Project CERESiS proposed solutions span across the whole energy crops phytoremediation to biofuel value chain. CERESiS missions are in line with the issues of the circular economy and the challenges proposed in WIRE COST Action. Find more about CERESiS here: https://ceresis.eu

During the WIRE special session on 24 November, 5 talks covered the fundamental topics of both projects. The presentations were be held by: 

David Chiaramonti (POLITO, Italy) – “Biofuel and Biochar Production Regulations “ – Download

Roberto Solimene (STEMS – CNR, Italy) – “Production and Valorization of Liquid from Contaminated Feedstocks (Sludge)” – Download

Margarida Gonçalves (NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal) – “Waste Derived Chars: Sources and Applications” – Download 

Nikolaos Tsongidis (CERTH, Greece) – “Concentrated Solar Thermal Systems Integration into Thermochemical Processes: Examples and Opportunities” – Download

Rui Galhano dos Santos (IST, Portugal) – “Application of bio-oil other than fuel with focus on contaminated feedstock” – Download